Friday, 27 February 2015

Client Brief VS Client Budget

Everyone wants to save money these days. But there are always couples who expect a lavish party or event on a very strict budget. Good news! There are ways to keep your costs in check and still give your wedding a taste of luxury!

Set expectations early
If you are planning the wedding yourself or you hire an event planner, your first duty is to set your expectations right off the bat. You need to understand that your budget won't get you everything you want. Talk with your spouse about where you are willing to scale back to save on costs, and where you want to spend the most. Have examples of some compromises ready for you to choose from.

Cut costs where necessary:
LOCATION-  An outdoor wedding would cost more than one done in a hall.

PRINTING- Instead of spending money on printing IV's, create a website for the event and send IV's via emails. Then print IV's for the very important people.

DECOR- Here's where many people break the bank without even intending to do so. For example, instead of flowers as centrepieces, you can use a simple candle arrangement. Likewise, you can cut down on different aspects of the decoration by using substitutes.

These 3 areas are where I would strongly discourage you to save cost on:
- PHOTOGRAPHY- You won't forgive yourself  if you end up with bad pictures, even if the event didn't go as planned.
Luckily, event planning companies like La' Heiress can help you cut down your costs further. We find a meeting point between our client's brief and our client's budget. Even with small budgets, we would finetune your brief to meet your expectations.


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