Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Deal of the Day: Wedding Catering Deal by Infusions Catering Services

Infusions Catering Services is a boutique catering outfit geared towards creating, preparing and serving up wholesome and delightful meals.
They have a broad selection of items on their menu with local and foreign influences. They cater to a wide range of events including weddings, anniversaries, meetings, birthdays as well as luncheons and festive parties. They've also been known to make home deliveries of delectable meals to clients who don't have the time to spend in the kitchen.

Founded in 2013, Infusions Catering is headed by Arinola Adesina. A self-professed food enthusiast with a passion for dreaming up and creating and serving up delightful, lip-smacking goodness. She'll be quick to tell you that she LOVES food: the visuals, the flavors, the textures and the taste! She believes that food is sacred and each ingredient must be treated with the utmost care and respect in order to get the best possible results in any meal.

In their experience with working with clients, they've come to realize that quite a number of people, particularly brides want catering services which offer them the best value for money; delicious fare on the menu without having them break the bank what with so many aspects of a wedding which also require a portion of a tight budget. Hence their offer of the budget catering package tailored to meet this precise need at a price that's just right.


For the price of N900:
- A meal of rice, amala or semo
- Rice: Jollof, fried, moi moi, salad, chicken and fish.
- Swallow: Amala, efo elegusi or ego riro, chicken and fish.
- A bottle of water and a bottle of soda for each guest.
- Minimum of a hundred (100) guests.

Also a Chinese meal package for N1,200
- Chinese fried rice, Chinese noodles, shredded beef sauce.
- A bottle of water and a bottle of soda.

Any of the four meals can be combined in quantities to make 100 guests.

Infusions Catering Services can be reached on the numbers 08026929460 and 08038086289 (calls, SMS and whatsapp), BBM 534D1188 or email to find out how they can bring your
catering dreams to reality.


  1. The food was great! We had a small party (40-50 people) and I was pretty last minute with the planning. The only issue we had was having to wait a long time to get a quote back, but once we did we decided to go ahead with them and we had a lot of compliments on the food at our party. They were able to do an Irish themed lunch menu and it turned out great. Easy to work with. For more information

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