Friday, 27 March 2015

Food for Thought Friday: The Sunday Wedding.

When you begin planning a wedding, one of the first things you’re going to choose is the date. While Saturdays have undoubtedly remained the most popular day of the week for a wedding, there’s a new trend emerging: Sunday weddings. Given how often sought-after venues are booked solidly on Saturdays for up to a year or more in advance, it’s no surprise that Sundays are quickly gaining in popularity. They offer couples an opportunity to choose their ideal wedding weekend without waiting an extra year or giving up on their ideal venue. 

Moreso, there are great ways to cut costs and stay on budget. Many venues offer discounts for the space rental when you book a Sunday wedding, but that’s not the only place where you’ll save money. Because Sunday is considered a less-in-demand day of the week, there are also a number of vendors who are available and offer discounts, such as DJs, hair and makeup artists, and more. Even your out of town guests may be able to cut costs by avoiding popular travel days.

Please note that when you’re considering your guests, also keep in mind that having your celebration on a Sunday may impact how many guests can attend and how late they will be able to stay, as many of them will have to work on the Monday morning as we wouldn't want them dozing off at work. Sunday weddings typically end earlier in the evening.

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