Monday, 23 March 2015

How to Discourage " Plus One's " at your Wedding without offending anyone.

For those of you wondering what "plus one" means, it means bringing a date, I invite you and you bring another person, it could be a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancée/fiancé, sister or brother. 

QUESTION: "My guest list is adding up, and I do not have room to add on plus-ones for certain people, but how do I deal with the plus-one issue for my reception party? I don’t want to upset them, but I also don’t want them bringing a date that my fiancé and I don’t know as a couple." 

If you are not comfortable with a member of your wedding party bringing their significant other to your wedding, it’s best to address the situation with her one-on-one. Keep in mind that it is 100% acceptable to request this, if they are newly dating or if they are in a long-term relationship or married. Be upfront and honest from the start. Don’t just rely on an invitation with the "plus one" warning, as people dont normally read thoroughly. It can cause unnecessary drama on the wedding day, if he or she brings a plus one and the security doesn't let them in.

Explain that you are trying to keep your wedding intimate and small. Stress how important her role is to your big day and ensure that she knows you appreciate her understanding.

In the end, it is your wedding and you and your fiancé should be completely comfortable and content with every single person attending. It’s understandable to want to please everyone, but, unfortunately, this is not reality when it comes to working with a budget or size restrictions.

Olamide~ The Heiress


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