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Re: How to Achieve the N500,000 wedding in Nigeria; Comments and Replies

On Saturday, our breakdown of the N500,000 budget wedding appeared on Nairaland's front page and generated a lot of buzz! You can read the reactions here:

So, to address some of the issues, questions and comments raised, we decided to post a response. Hope we got to answer all your questions. Read on...

Thank you everyone for your contributions and comments. Our company is all about low budget weddings in Nigeria and helping couples save wedding costs. We believe a wedding does not have to be expensive to be memorable. You can follow our blog on to get regular updates on promos, great deals and wedding packages. You can also contact us directly on 08103193930

Its good to cut your coat according to ur cloth, but oga, invitation card na just. 1k u put oh, so na only sms we go use invite? * none of my friend be MC oh, even if they are, I am a business man and won't ask for freebies as its friends and familly that kill business.* wedding gown and accessories for 15k, wedding na once in a life time, na sow una go sow d gown? With d way dollar don run leave naira for back, 15k no go buy gown talk of shoe. 
LMAO! Yes, SMS alone is sufficient for the 100 guests. At the rate of N4 per sms, you would have spent just N400. You can use the remaining to resend or even call important people.
As for the wedding gown, we omitted the fact that it was rented. For N10,000 to N15,000 you can rent a very decent wedding gown.

Oh well...Tell me how I can manage 200k
It all depends on how realistic you are with your expectations. And most importantly, your guest list. We specialize in Low Budget Weddings. Contact us 08103193930

Again I hope Nigerian youths take this number of guest thing very seriously,  nothing like mummy's list,  father in laws class mates,  brothers friend etc, STRICTLY BY INVITATION should be stressed in the bulk sms. 
Biko economy is hard 

The morale of this write up is not to limit anyone but to explain financial prudency as regards marriage spendings , 
I've always mentioned it that more than 25% of the expenses of every elaborate wedding is not needed , so with proper planning , you can always have a dream wedding without having to burn your purse.
E.O.T William CBT, Member IAeng, ASHM :)
This is exactly what we have been preaching!

Many facilities offer rental services for wedding dresses which I consider helpful. Why should you spend 100k on what you'd wear for a few hours only, except Ofcus you have the money The argument goes back and forth but if you can tent your dream car just for the wedding,  why not do same for your wears?
Many of us don't understand that even the westerners practise this rental services very often. wedding doesn't have to always be a luxury,  it's a necessity 

Just imagine, makeup for 30k, make my hair with 3500, ring for both of us  6500 and gown 15k. Mtchewwwwwwww.
My hubby will then wear a suit of 5k, sha na my houseboy or escort? :o
Op you try but that 30k is too much for makeup biko.
30k for makeup is actually a VERY good deal considering that professional makeup artists usually change from 60k up to 250k and above.

30k is cheap sef.... Hehehehe you've not heard of 250k?
Heard of Jide of stOla? Guy is gooooooooood but he's damn expensive..250k, minus accommodation ooo! And that must be provided!!
Exactly!!! Not even only Jide of stOla. All the big makeup artists in Nigeria charge similar prices; we have done our research.

Nice one but I bet you that I can offer you quality and presentable cakes far below that range. But OP u deserve an applause
We love low cost vendors, as long as they don't compromise on quality. Please contact us on 08103193930 and let's discuss on how to work together.

But (op) u need to tell us where to get those things at cheap prices like u listed, concerning the hall, chairs, tables and canopies. 
U can't get those things u listed at cheaper price in some towns maybe in villages will will get those cheap even decorations 
Please follow our blog at We regularly list promos, deals and low cost vendors. Thank you

Why should I pay Usher 32k for what? My friends and my silbing are there to help....only appreciate them with TP money. BUT in all we need to budget it well not to overspend.
Yes, you can use friends/sisters, but family members might not do the job as effectively. (for example, their attention might be need for other things) Besides, for this particular bride, we were already using two of her sisters as event coordinators. Lastly, ushers add a touch of glamour, class and orderliness to your event. It is usually money well-spent.

850 for a plate of food for somebody working with a budget of 500k is way too much. 300-400 will get your guests good food.
If you know a caterer that can supply for at N300-400, please let us know!

Sweetie, I didn't get to see a picture of you on your profile.  :(

Nevertheless, a lady should get excellent makeup done, especially on her wedding! A MUST! Fantastic makeup is NOT about a display of colours on the face! You can get a natural look with makeup!

Also gurl, as regards what was spent on the bride and groom, it was their choice. The Bride's look is usually more expensive than the groom's, that's stale news.

I mean, guys get a hair cut for 1k (at least that's how much he spends on his cut) but the cheapest hair I can have done: the weave, (I'm sure you know how much a good weave costs) and the fixing will cost some five digits. Then you have others...

My headtie alone for trad costs 15k. Me I no even know the kind headtie! All I know be say, my mum in law to be insist say na that headtie I must tie and she buy am herself.  :P

So, it depends on the couple and what they can afford! What I won't tolerate is having big eye and long throat when you ain't got the bills. Don't start making elaborate plans and delude yourself into thinking there are people who are obligated to pay the bills. And also don't use up all your savings for your wedding! That's just being financially dumb!
Well said!

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