Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday Specials: Uche Jombo's Intimate Wedding

Celebrity Weddings are not so easy to keep out of the media. As a foremost Nollywood actress, her face is a constant feature in movies, magazines and red carpets. But somehow, Uche and her husband Kenny had managed to keep their wedding intimate and small.

In 2012, Nollywood actress Uche Jombo got married to her sweetheart Kenny Rodriguez at a beautiful wedding ceremony at Mariot Courtyard, Marriot Isla Verde Beach Resort in Puerto Rico.

With Celebrity weddings regularly taking the limelight, people were shocked that Uche opted for a quiet wedding. In Uche's words, she explains why she opted for a quiet wedding ceremony away from the lens of the media: "We kept it hush hush because it wasn't totally about me; it was about him getting used to this path I have chosen. This was about taking control of my private life."

The wedding plans were simple: have a quiet, beautiful wedding at the Mariot in the presence of close friends and family. There were no hassles over aso-ebi or what musician to invite for the after party or how many cows to slaughter. It wasn't a public jamboree. It was a merging of two kindred souls.

It was mostly Uche's dream wedding. She wanted a beach wedding. She saw a wedding happening at the resort when she was on vacation and it was beautiful and she decided that she would love her wedding to be like that.

To brides out there, if a celebrity can have an intimate wedding, so can you!

Photo Credits: Wow Magazine

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  1. Wow!! What a beautiful wedding event!! Bride is looking so beautiful and gorgeous in this white dress. I am also joining an event planning organization next month and my first task is to organize couple of events in New York. I hope all goes smoothly.