Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The difference between an Event Planner and an Event Coordinator

When it comes to event planning careers, many people outside of our industry get confused at the difference between an Event Planner and an Event Coordinator. Generally speaking, the planner makes the critical decisions regarding the what, when, who and how. She plans the event from conception to finsh, source for the vendors, organise them...

An event coordinator on the other hand, is responsible for making sure all the details are executed, and that each vendor shows up on time and performs appropriately. A Coordinator may decide to get to action a few weeks to the wedding or on the D- day.

Larger organizations may have two coordinators for every planner, while smaller operations might only have one coordinator that serves the needs of all executive decision makers. Now that isn't to say event coordinators have it easy. Most of them have the difficult task of organizing everything on-site with only a few hours before the event begins. This of course is when most problems occur, which is why a good coordinator needs to be focused, organized and resourceful.

Event Coordinators are normally cheaper to hire than Event Planners. You can decide to plan your wedding yourself (source for vendors, agree on a price that's within your budget) and hire a Coordinator to organise your vendors and the event, taking the stress totally off you on your wedding day. 

Olamide~ The Heiress


  1. Thanks for differentiating these terms, as I was also not sure about their exact meanings and always thought that event planner and coordinator are two different terms but functionality is same.

  2. You are most welcome. I'm glad I could help.