Saturday, 25 April 2015

5 Things to Consider when Making Hotel Reservations for your Wedding

So the wedding is almost planned, and suddenly someone (your mom, your well meaning BFF, your  partner) brings up hotel reservations. Do you have an hotel block booked? It seems like a thing people do. Should you do it? Or is it just one more thing to add to the list?

Short answer: Only you knows for sure.

Longer answer:  Hotel blocks are fantastic when you want as many people as possible in one place for logistical or transportation reasons, if you’re hoping people will stay near the actual wedding, if everything else is going to be booked up... One thing you must know is the actual number of guests you want to reserve rooms for, because you don’t want to be stuck paying out of pocket for twenty rooms that your guests wouldn't use.

Here are some key points to consider:

WHEN TO RESERVE: Location of the wedding and  time of year are both key factors that determine when you should get this done. Is your wedding happening in a small town with limited accommodation, during a holiday weekend, or concurrent with a sporting event/convention? Book early! Essentially, once you book your venue, it’s time to start researching hotel options.

PRICE: I suggest giving your guests two or three options in price (i.e., budget, midrange, luxury). Make sure that the price points vary by at least by N1,000 to N5,000 from one category to the next.

LOCATION: Try to book a hotel that is near your wedding events. Hotels within walking distance (or located near transportation) are the best option. Otherwise, your hotels should ideally be within ten miles of your wedding venue. Also, choosing hotels near other attractions and restaurants will give people who arrive before the wedding have something to do (they will thus leave you alone while you’re scrambling to take care of any last minute items).

CHECK-OUT TIME: Many of your guests will only stay the night of your wedding. It’s important to make sure that the check-out time does not conflict with your ceremony start time (and leaves plenty of time to freshen up before the event starts). Guests who are arriving on the wedding day will need time to check-in and get ready. If you’re planning a 2PM ceremony and check-out time is 3PM, well, some of your guests are going to be annoyed because they had to get dressed in a lobby bathroom. Not fun.Once you’ve narrowed down the search, reach out to some hotels for initial offers.

MAKE THE DEPOSIT: The hotel requires a deposit in order to block off rooms and will hold you financially responsible for any unsold rooms. Sometimes it’s a percentage, sometimes it’s a real number—this is what’s called the deposit fee. The ONLY time I recommend doing a full payment is when the hotel is literally the only game in town and you are as close to certain as possible that all rooms will be snapped UP.


What is the discount for booking ahead?

Is there a fee for parking?

Does the parking fee include in/out privileges? Like washing of car and security?

What time is check-out?

Is there a minimum stay requirement?

Can you reserve one block of rooms? So that your guests can be In one place.

What is the maximum number of rooms that can be reserved?

If we need additional rooms, can we add to the block?

What would the cut-off be for adding rooms?

What sort of amenities come standard (shuttles, breakfast, free in-room Wi-Fi, etc.)?

Is there a bar and restaurant onsite? What are the hours?

Do you have facilities to host pre- or post-wedding events onsite?

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