Wednesday, 8 April 2015

JBW Vendor of the Week: Babajide Guerrero, Master of Ceremony Extraordinaire

Meet Babajide Guerrero, Master of Ceremony Extraordinaire. I got a call from him and honestly, all I could remember was the voice; he had one of those voices you would just want to listen to. After watching him perform and getting to know him, I knew I had to feature him on the blog. Believe me when I say that you definitely want him at your next event!

QUESTION: Tell us about your outfit and your journey so far.

My name is BABAJIDE GUERRERO. I'm a master of ceremonies, compere and a television presenter, with a distinct manner of delivery. I entertain a diverse audience with a fine blend of wit, humour, intelligence and oratory.
I started out professionally in 2012, just after I won the first ever southwest Nigeria inter-tertiary debate. The journey has really being incredible; the privilege of learning from mentors and senior colleagues  and also creating a pathway for myself has been awesome really.

QUESTION: What inspired you to be an Emcee?

As a child I couldn't afford to miss a top event airing on television: the World Cup, the Miss World Beauty Pageants, Wrestlemania, top political debates. All spectacular events got to me.  But the difference was while people simply  'watched' these events, I was more concerned with who was talking, what was being said, with what mannerisms, the climax, the use of grammar and in what tone. All these were as key to me as was the entertainment.
But as I grew older, my environment, books and a few great persons also provided an ample source of inspiration.

QUESTION: What do you love the most about your job?

I think it's the feeling of making people happy. It is priceless, giving them a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.  And also that I consistently actually show people that we can achieve a better quality than what is mostly obtainable.

QUESTION: Who are the people in your industry that inspire you and why?

I've learnt a great deal from these men. They have got tonnes of experience, they are in a league of distinction, they inspire me through their skill set, intelligence, great understanding of the job, how to say what to say, and their longevity too is just unbelievable. How they've evolved with time, trends and taste and still remain on top of the food chain.

QUESTION: What are some of the challenges you face in the industry?

I think initially it's acceptance, which really is synonymous with different parts of the entertainment industry. As a master of ceremonies you know most people want their events to be hosted or "emceed" by a TOP or say an A+ MC, forgetting the truth that a fast rising chap who isn't A+ yet could actually match the performance of the preferred choice, and also that the notable MC today developed into what he is today from something. At a time he was an upstart... But these days I'm honoured to say the level of acceptance for BABAJIDE GUERRERO is way better than my days of being a pure greenhorn. From here, it can only get better. Secondly, my job as a continuity director of an event certainly involves paying attention to details, a lot of it. One of the challenges is that some clients really don't know what kind of event they want. So to help them I simply prepare and show them a lot during the pre-event.

QUESTION: What is your unique selling point?

Hmmm.... I'd say my voice. Then the use of wit, humour and crisp articulation.

QUESTION: What package do you have for couples on a low budget?

Certainly not a cut-throat *laughs* very affordable. I won't name a price but we work with the client's budget. It doesn't mean that we won't deliver. Not all fingers are equal and I understand that.

QUESTION: Greatest moment so far?

There's been a lot. I'd say hosting the Variety Nite of the BIGGEST COUNTDOWN IN AFRICA: the LAGOS COUNTDOWN to 2015, and The URBAN AGENDA FOR AFRICA conference. There are a lot more but those are particularly very memorable.

QUESTION: Describe yourself in one word?


QUESTION: Your industry is mostly male dominated, why do you think it is so?

And it's boring really, so much testosterone! *laughs* I think the ladies feel they can't thrive in the industry which is very wrong. I know some very good female VJs and they've tried their hands on hosting weddings and many more events and it came out pretty nice. I just feel they need to 'wrestle' with that mentality as the female rappers are doing in the music industry.

QUESTION: You are young and full of life, do you have a girlfriend? If yes, does she follow you to some of your events?

 Yes, I do have a girlfriend. She's more on the very reserved side of life, but she's made it to a couple of them

Phone no- 08026212308, 08161296203 
Instagram- @officialguerrero


  1. Babajide dearie, always slaying! Keep it up bro

  2. One of the Brilliant Emcees I know.

  3. My partner in crime, God bless you kid bro. love you plenty.Keep the flag flying, so proud of you

  4. Most wanted, they ain't seen nothing yet,aburo, them go take, gbabesky!!!

  5. Way to go Jide! More to come by His grace. You will get bigger and find more Favour in Jesus Name!