Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Emergency Bridal Kit

This is the secret to why big society weddings never have any PUBLIC mishap. (If you have seen the movie titled "The Wedding Planner", then you will understand why I used the word PUBLIC). 

It is a bag packed with those useful things everyone seems to want on the day of the big event, but no one remembers to bring. The emergency kit is for everyone at the party but mainly the couple.

At a wedding I coordinated late last year, the bride forgot to buy her hand fan but thankfully, I had one in my Emergency Kit. She also needed pain relievers. The hairstylist didn't have enough hair pins. 

You might not need as many things on your wedding day but your guests may need them. It's safer to have an emergency kit than not to have one.

Apart from a wedding planner having these things, the chief bridesmaid and the bestman should also have some of these things on the event day.

Some of these things includes:
Sewing kit
Makeup kit
Safety pins and office pins
First aid kit (pain relievers, aspirin, etc)
Hair brush
Breath mints
Perfume (travel size)
A portable mirror
A pack of safety razors
White chalk (used in getting last minute stains on a white dress)
Extra earring hooks
Hair pins
Styling gel
Sanitary pads... To name a few.

Olamide~ The Heiress


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