Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Choosing the Right Wedding Invitation

Similar to choosing the perfect wedding dress, ordering invitations can cause bridal panic attacks. First impressions last forever, and wedding invitations set the tone and theme for the entire affair – not to mention the fact that they’ll last forever in your mother-in-law’s scrapbook.Put all that together and it’s easy to see what a central role invites play in your big day. But remember, this is supposed to be fun! Take a deep breath and consider the following invitation details to guide yourself through the process intact.

Many brides struggle with creating the perfect theme for their weddings. In my experience, brides begin with a theme in mind, but it goes out the window once they see invitation samples they love. Keep an open mind about invitations, especially if you have no locked-in theme or color scheme.

Invitations can get pricey. It’s also difficult to weigh a fair price against the level of quality and detail required. I recommend that brides compare the prices of many vendors to ensure they’re receiving reasonable deals.

Invitation design
Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. What one bride loves, another bride hates. In any case, I would recommend that brides stay away from adding photos of the couple to the wedding invitations. Photos of the couple are more appropriate for an engagement party or a save-the-date announcement.

Shopping for invitations online can save brides a lot of time, money and stress. Many sites offer a variety of vendors who provide custom design invitations to fit each bride’s unique requirements. It's important to check reviews before placing orders. #La'HeiressPersonalShoppers to the rescue.

My final recommendation when it comes to ordering invitations is to always purchase a sample before placing a full order. This allows brides to physically see the quality of the invitation before placing a large order.

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  3. How creative! I love the idea of the card looking like an ornament that friends and family can hang up and remind them of the big day coming up. Thanks for sharing these marriage invitation cards.