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JBW Vendor of the Week: Bukola Abiodun Lawal of Tooshme Beauty and Spa.

Meet the super talented makeup artist, Bukola Abiodun Lawal of Tooshme Beauty and Spa. We saw pictures of some of her works and we were blown away. Not only does she do bridal makeup, she also does on-set behind-the-scenes movie makeup; you know, the one that transforms a young man to an old one. We contacted her and here we are. Meet Bukola of Tooshme beauty and Spa.

Please introduce yourself
My name is Bukola  Abiodun  Lawal, owner at  Tooshme Beauty and Spa‎, Ogba  Ikeja. I am a versatile, professional makeup artist /beauty therapist.‎ I have been doing this for 7 years now. I started off as a freelance makeup artist and officially opened my first makeup outfit in December 2011 and I recently added a full spa lounge to expand my business.

What do you love the most about being a makeup artist?
What I love the most about makeup is the fact that it has a very high influence on our lifestyle. Makeup can either make or break you. If you do not wear the right makeup, take for instance for a job interview, you can be misunderstood for an incompetent or indecent lady but if you wear it correctly, you have an edge over others. However, the nature of the job must always compliment your look for your employer to have confidence in your capability. Makeup also boosts great confidence in you such that it makes you feel very comfortable in your own skin and you can get to dine with higher authorities without feeling inferior.‎

What about your style sets you apart from other Makeup Artists?
Like I said earlier, I am a versatile makeup artist; a very passionate one at that and so I believe I will always stand out with my creative and unique standards because I learn everyday on how to stay trendy even in the way I train my students. I am also a host of a yearly humanitarian fashion show called BOTR (Beauty On The Runway) kicking off officially late this year. Though I have been having it on a low key‎, this year is going to be my first big maiden edition. It's going to be a platform for my students to help them showcase their skills to the world after training, as well as a platform for supporting youths, health, poverty alleviation etc, generally to help sustain the growth of the economy in Nigeria and the rest of Africa with time.‎

Who are the other makeup artists home and abroad that inspire you?
Makeup artists who inspire me a lot in Nigeria are Banke  Meshida-Lawal of BM|PRO  and Lola  Maja- Okojevoh of ‎My Sacred Beauty, both of which are great mentors and instructors. My mentor abroad is Iman of Iman cosmetics; she inspires me a lot with her subtle nude signature makeup and also because she's got the African flavor in her brand of products.

What makes wedding makeup prices higher than a normal day's makeup?
A wedding is classified as being successful only when you have timeless memories of it. A makeup artist is one of the very important vendors you need to always consult even before you choose your colors of the day; that is how important they are. A wedding day is not a day to start trying out a DIY ( Do It Yourself); it's a day to look your best for your man and your families. So many things can go wrong if your makeup is not professionally done. Your in-laws, pastors, Imams etc may get a wrong impression of your personality if it's done wrongly so you can't afford to go wrong on a day you should look your best! This is where professionalism is needed ‎and good things, they say, don't come cheap. It takes weeks that turn into days and finally  to an hour of planning and getting the best ideas to make you stand out on your big day and that is why it's different from every other type of makeup. ‎

Would you advise a bride to do her own makeup on her wedding day? If yes/no, why?
I would never advise that a bride should try a DIY for her wedding, no matter the condition. Weddings are sacred and very special. It is just a matter of doing what you can afford. There are a couple of professional makeup artists who are still very considerate and flexible in their dealings. All you need to do is keep making inquiries till you get a good bargain that can go well with your budget. 

What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?
Common beauty mistakes that women make are so many but I will mention two major ones I find very unpleasant as below:
1) Applying layers of foundation just to get lighter‎: This procedure is very disgusting because a lot of women believe that looking fairer than their skin tone will make them stand out. Apparently it will, but in a negative way. The consequence of this act is that your face becomes lighter than your body. It also makes  your face look unnatural and cakey leaving it breathless. All of these may give you blemishes and wrinkles afterwards.
2) Wear a lip liner  that is the exact color of your lipstick: ‎ This is one very common mistake that women make. Majority of women do this a lot! They like to apply a black lip liner especially to natural lip line and then wear their lipstick. This does not look good at all. Your lips are meant to be luscious, soft and attractive. Do not scare your man or the audience waiting to hear your speech at an important gathering.Your lips are your weapon of command. 

What beauty products would you recommend for the Do-it-yourself Bride?
Like I earlier said, I don't encourage a DIY for brides but if you insist on having it your way, I will suggest that you understand your skin tone, skin type and face shape and then go for products that perfectly compliment them. 

What is your favourite makeup item and why?
My favorite makeup item is my Stippling brush ‎because I am very finicky about achieving a flawless, air brushed look. That brush is a must have for every MUA.

What are some of the challenges you face in the Makeup Industry?
Challenges are faced in all types of careers and the beauty world is not an exemption. My major challenge is the lack of recognition in terms of how people still don't value makeup artists especially in Nigeria. This is really affecting the growth of the makeup industry. Majority of the people don't see us as important yet they can't do without us. For instance who is an actor, a brand ambassador or a celebrity without a makeup artist? Who helps interpret and  sell a brand to the world? It takes a lot of hardwork to be at the backstage making sure everything is all right yet we get peanuts or almost nothing like we don't have bills to pay. All of these don't happen abroad. Makeup artists are highly respected influential people in other parts of the world but here, it takes great passion and sacrifice to still be relevant. 

How do you keep up with trends in the industry?
To keep up with trends as a makeup artist, one needs to always thirst for more knowledge. I do that by keeping close tabs with the successful ‎gurus in the industry, learn from them and always try to do things differently and even better than them. 

Your industry is majorly female populated; why do you think this is so?
Well, majorly YES there are more females than males. ‎But recently, I must confess that gradually, makeup is beginning to gain grounds with how our pacesetters have started organizing seminars,giving awards etc. These have indeed encouraged our Male counterparts and we now have a great number of them around

What advice can you give to an aspiring make up artist?
What I always ask my students at our first class is if they have the passion for makeup. The reason why I ask this question is because just like every other career, the makeup artistry is not a junkyard where you just come around because you think you are less busy. Makeup artistry is a big deal! And it takes a lot of passion, perseverance, tolerance and hardwork to become successful in it. So many distractions and discouragement from the career itself and even your family, but it can be overcome with focus as your watchword. 

Name: Adebukola Abiodun Lawal
Name Of Outfit: Tooshme Beauty and Spa
Location: 1 Isheri/Ogunnusi Road, Opposite Excellence hotel,Ogba-Aguda, Ikeja-Lagos 
‎Phone: 08188629737
FB pages: Bukola Tooshme, Beauty On The Runway
‎FB: tooshme beautyandspa


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