Sunday, 6 September 2015

Why do some clients do this?

Hi there, happy Sunday to Y'all.

 I saw this on a mentor's social media's page and decided to share. I thought this only happens to me but after seeing this, I know now that event planners go through this. I have had my fair share of disappointments and believe me when i say that it's not always a funny one.

Please brides and brides to be, it is unfair to make last minute decisions without informing your wedding planner. It is wrong especially when it can affect the success of the wedding on the D-day. And even if you are going to make last minute decisions, please inform your wedding planner.

Always try to inform your planner ahead of time, they mean well and we all want to achieve the same thing, which is a successful event.

Olamide~ The Heiress


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