Sunday, 1 November 2015

10 Things Couples Wish They Knew Before Getting Married

 There are couples who are ready for marriage that get married and then there are couples who are not ready for marriage that get married. Knowing about the ten following things sure will help make that marriage easier either way:

1. There are no 'her' chores and 'his' chores. – Everyone can do a little bit of everything; it’s life and it helps make the world of home go round and round.

2. Every talk ever should be had beforehand. – The usual, kids, religion, money, home, time and chores, etc.

3. Pick what side of the bed you want with caution. – It will never change once you pick it.

4. You shouldn’t have to always do everything together. – She has her time and he has his time.

5. Private bank accounts. – Money in a relationship should be equal; you pay bills together and the money that is left over should be shared. Use on items each other wants or go out to eat. Enjoy it.

6. Think of how you will both be like when under the worst case scenario. – Going through the hard times together is what will make you stronger; it is what will determine if you will last as a couple or not. Getting married is serious and before doing so, as a couple you should have gone through something major together.

7. Know when some space and time is needed. – Knowing when it is better to not say something can come in handy, just like knowing when you need to let them watch their show in bed while you do the dishes and take out the trash so both can just cool down some.

8. Have an idea of what to eat for all meals. – This makes going shopping for groceries a lot easier and won’t leave you looking for something to eat when hungry.

9. When living together, each should have their own little area. – An office perhaps to retreat to and a garage to work in, something for someone is good enough to get some work done and to relax all at once.

10. Being able to resolve conflicts like pros is what will really make you guys so awesome. – This simply means that you two have really good communication skills and that you know you will always be able to work through anything and everything. 

Olamide~ The Heiress

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