Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Yaaay! The Heiress is Getting Married.

Yaaaay! So i will be getting married sometimes this month to the most amazing man EVER! Along side mine, i am also planning for a couple of brides as well and I'm supposed to be stressed right, but I'm not, not in the least. And I will explain why.

My not being stressed is not because this is my area of specialization, no. It's because of some wedding planning rules I followed. One, I am not having a wedding above my means, keeping my guest list trim, using affordable vendors (affordable is relative though). And all my vendors have been paid in full. Once this is done, you can rest, hire a coordinator and concentrate on other things. 

The trick is, once you have selected all your vendors, start paying them the minute the money gets to you, don't wait. Don't hope that they will reduce their prices. Get their best deals, you can compare prices with other vendors you like as well, then settle for one and pay.

You really do not want to be thinking about vendors balances on your wedding day when you can sit, relax and enjoy your day.

One more thing, brides don't forget your beauty facials. Make out time for it! Natureglows beauty spa at No 32, James Robertson, Surulere is the best spa in Lagos hands down!

Photo Credit: @Studio24nigeria
Makeup: @swans makeovers
Wedding logo: @ebenezerruth
Facials: @natureglows

Olamide~ The Heiress


  1. You are one of the great couples. Hope you got married to the best man in the world. All the best.

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  2. Hi dear,
    I got to know about your blog from FIN and decided to check it out. I love what I see and I'm impressed by the good job you're doing. Kudos

  3. Thank you so much Joy. @kavi, thanks dear