Thursday, 14 July 2016

My Wedding Budget Breakdown (detailed)

Like I had promised in my last post, I have come to pay my debt. Lol.

The Wedding Budget
Our Budget was Two Million Naira for both the white wedding and the traditional ceremony. And we were working with a 1.5 Million naira Budget. The five hundred thousand naira was going to be our extra.

Now let me say this, I was a different kind of bride. I do not get easily swayed by social media paparazzi, I have never been the kind of girl to wear what was in vogue when in vogue. I couldn't be bothered with that. That's my kind of person.

For me and my husband, the most important thing for us was our pictures, we wanted pictures that we would see 10 years from now and still be happy. So we both agreed to splurge on our photography but not at the expense of other expenses.

We also agreed that we wont be borrowing or asking for money from anyone be it family or friends. We were going to work with what we had. And that was exactly what we did!

Before now, we had asked both parents where they were willing to contribute and we were well informed.

More so, we spaced our dates, our Traditional Wedding was in November 2015 and the White Wedding was in February 2016. Both events took place in Ibadan.

Traditional Expenses Breakdown
Guests: 200

For our traditional wedding, the decor was important, mainly because we were using a compound.

1. Hall: We decided to use my compound and spend the money for the hall on the decoration instead. (so no cost there)

2. Decoration: I knew the decor had to be top notch, I brought about 4 decorators before I was able to come to a conclusion. N130,000

3. Caterer: My mother is a caterer and she was handling the catering but we supported her by giving her N50,000

4. Drinks: N120,000 

5. Makeup: N15,000 

6. Photography: N70,000. We requested for just soft copies of the picture, since my husband was a photographer, we agreed that he would make the photo books instead. We had no videographer, (we were not going to watch it anyways)

7. Alaga: N30,000 (she was a friend of my husband). One advice, try as much as possible not to expect free jobs from family members or friends.

8. Cake: N25,000

9. Hostesses: Our beautiful La' Heiress Hostesses offered to contribute this as their token of appreciation. (Free)

10. Outfits: I went to a local aso oke market in Ibadan and bought our aso oke, I bought two bundles for my self at N2,500 and N3,000 respectively (N5,500) and I bought for my husband 2 bundles at N3,000 each (N6,000). Totalling N11,500. I decided to let these local aso oke sellers join my aso oke for N300 and I bought beads and attached it to the gele for its special bling effect. That cost me about N3,000. My husband gave his aso oke to his brother who is a very good designer to sew for him at N13,000. Total= (N27,800)

I opted for a dress instead of the normal Iro and Buba. I bought my lace N3,500 per yard and I bought 4 yards. (N14,000). My fashion designer of life, Elan Dash designed something for me and I gave it to my neighborhood taylor to sew for me at N2,500. Total= N16,500

Shoes: My husband shoes cost N15,000 while mine cost N3,500 (flat shoes). Total= (N16,500)

Accessories. My aunt offered to pay for my neckpiece. So that was free. I wore my old gold watch since my colours were black and gold. My husband beads (Iyun) cost N1,200.
Total= N34,200

11. DJ: N30,000

12: Bride's Parents outfits: N30,000

13. Wedding stationery: invitation cards, menu and reception programmes, welcome frame, toppers, name place cards, table numbers, stickers, banners, directional signs and the likes. N85,000.

Hotel: N32,400 (3 rooms)

Miscellaneous: N50,000

 Grand Total= N729,400

I decided to attach pictures because I wanted everyone to see that sometimes, it is not about how famous your vendors are or how cheap they are, you can still get good deals and great quality services. 

More so, there are some good and creative upcoming vendors that are still willing to work with your budgets, you just need to look for the ones who suits your taste and pocket.

I will be posting my white wedding budget breakdown in my next post. 

Olamide~ The Heiress


  1. You are so real La Heiress. I am adopting this your style. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much my namesake. You flatter me.

  2. this is superbly nice.....i have been looking for the post on your wedding.....could you point me to it? thanks

  3. I went through all the post on your blog and your Instagram page(I get time Ikr). Please can you paste your BBM pin or send your contact to my email One more thing,please hope your charges won't tear my pocket?����

  4. Please update the second part La'heiress. We can't wait.

  5. Oh God, I wish to marry next year August but in a simple classic way

  6. Oh God, I wish to marry next year August but in a simple classic way

  7. wow I'm thrilled! Been thinking of how to achieve this and came through for me! Thank you